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Special Effects Virgin Rose Hair Dye

"Virgin Rose, Wildflower, Fishbowl and Limelight.

The Virgin Rose is fading EXTREMELY slow (the underlayer) and was done on orangeish brown hair. The top layer is assorted chunks of all the colors, and was done on white blond pre-bleached hair. Fishbowl and Limelight faded quite fast, but keep in mind I was NOT using color safe shampoo or cold water becuase I wanted them to go ahead and fade. "

" i used Special Effects in Virgin Rose & it came out great! i bleached my hair out to orangish-yellow first & left the dye on for about 20mins & I LOVE it! "

" the first (picture is) with in the first week I did pimpin purple the last one is after a month of pimpin purple! "

From left to right - 1 day after dyeing, 1 month after dyeing, 3 months after dyeing (below)

" My hair was done over previously colored hair, Virgin Rose, which had faded and bleached roots. His was done over bleached hair, that had been bleached so many times it was more or less white. Months later my hair is still very pink, so much so that people can still spot me in my car from about 40 feet away (he shaved his off)...it's about a week after we dyed his hair, so about 3 weeks after mine was done. "

"i attached some pictures of my hair with fresh virgin rose(special effects) and black in it."

" here's a picture of my fringe after applying virgin rose hair dye, just after it had been coloured.it applied onto brown hair, not previously lightened, so the colour wasn't as vibrant as it would have been on pre-lightened hair. "

" I had been a long time fan of Atomic Pink, but Virgin Rose grabbed my attention. It starts as a deep fuscia but fades to a vibrant pink. This is probably one of the best fading dyes I have ever experienced. It only fades slightly but the color it fades to is equally beautiful and vibrant.

(First photo) Picture of next day Virgin Rose over bleached hair.

(Second photo) Picture of my hair 2 months later. "

"I know you already have a ton of pictures of Virgin Rose hair, but mine turned out a bit pinker than usual, and has lasted for a strangely long time, so I thought I'd send you a couple of shots to show just how tenacious this color has been.

Picture one is two days after coloring, in indirect sunlight. This is straight Virgin Rose over rebleached Burgandy Wine hair, though I don't think any of the old color is showing through here. Right after this picture I went to a campus event, and my friends could pick me out among six hundred other people across a football field, so I'd say it qualifies as bright.

Picture two is two months and one week later. The color remains almost neon under any direct light. My boss still complains that my hair makes his corneas fuse. I wash my hair almost daily and have been using stripping shampoos so I can justify switching to a new color, but it seems like it's here to stay. Luckily it's very pretty! After all this time, I still get near-daily compliments.

Feel free to use either or both of these in the galleries if you'd like. I know there are people out there like me who like to be able to change their hair colors lots, so they may like to know to avoid this color. Conversely, if people are looking for a low maintenance color, this certainly qualifies. The only other color I've had such luck with was Limelight, and it only lasted a month....

Thanks for checking these out. I buy from your site because the image gallery really lets me get a feel for what a color is going to look like on me, so thank you for providing that for us, as well."

"My 3rd grade daughter spent hours perusing your site to find the right color for the tips of her hair. She ended up choosing special effects virgin rose, and couldn't be happier"

Katie with a very cool fishie and Virgin Rose'd hair! "This is the day after applying to bleached white hair. (My porosity is a bit higher than normal, so it sucked up a LOT of color!) The color is a jewel toned magenta in person (it looks MUCH duller in the picture...), with no varied highlights in the sun; just stunning, deep pink."

"People desperately ignore the fact my hair obviously doesn't match with what they expect. I have no idea what they're anxious about. I love when people come up to me and ask me what I do (I'm a Mom who home-schools through a local Independent Study program) that I can dye my hair like this, and others tell me clearly they wish they could do it (due to work policy, 'not being brave enough', etc). I get a few 'I love your hair' and now, with people I know, 'I love the pink'. "

Naeelah with Virgin Rose hair plus streaks. She said:
"This is my last color, Virgin Rose. These pictures were taken probably the day after I dyed. (That blue streak is PC Atlantic Blue, and the slightly off-color bit behind it is (another brand) orange, dyed over with a bit of another raspberry colored dye... I did a lot to my hair, that time. ;) ) I dyed over hair that was a muddled mess of blonde, red, pink, and orange (after bleaching our layers and layers of crayola red). It turned out a beautiful magenta, very pink but distinctly purple toned. The purple cast quickly faded, and 2 months and nearly 2 weeks after dying, the color was very pink. But it was still quite strong, and even the most faded spots were simply a duller pink-- not a whole lot lighter."

KhryZ with Virgin Rose hair! She said:
"It was applied on light brown and blondish hair with a slight green residue left from prior coloring and in the picture its been about a month and the color is still very bold, it's pretty much my fav. color from all the ones i tried it's great!"

" (this) is virgin rose and a hybrid napalm orange and bright as f-whatever symbols they use-k yellow, i was going for the color of orange juice really. i love that mixture. highly reccommended for hair fortified with calcuim + vitamin c, available with no, some or high pulp. "

" Limelight and Virgin Rose. They both turned out a tad darker than usual, but I loved it. It was applied to pre-bleached blond hair and lasted for about 2 months without touch ups. The Virgin Rose took FOREVER to fade. I finally had to bleach it out so I could put in a new color. So if you want a long lasting color, this is certainly a good one. "

Beautiful Virgin Rose hair!

Photo of Virgin Rose taken in natural light. She said:
"I dyed my hair Virgin Rose over darkish blonde hair that had a few pink tones from really cheap dye. But now it's very vibrant. I love it. The pictures are from the day it was done."

" Hi, I recently dyed my hair Virgin Rose to match my prom dress. I LOVE Virgin Rose. It's soo beautiful and people are always stopping me to tell me how much they love my hair. It looked fantastic with my prom dress, too. After washing it stayed that beautiful colour, barely any fading and when it did start to fade, it is still just a lighter beautiful! I've had my hair a zillion different colours but I think Virgin Rose is my absolute favourite. Thank you! "

Virgin rose shown on the undercut of a wedge haircut.

Vibrant Virgin Rose streaked hair, 2-3 weeks after dyeing it.

Multilayered streaks of Virgin Rose, Joyride, and Electric blue

Photos of the senders original brown hair, bleached hair, freshly dyed Virgin Rose hair and the Virgin Rose hair approximately 1 month after dyeing.

"This is my fresh new virgin rose! I love it, i've used it before, and i had to do it again. It's so bright, people tell me it hurts to look. Thats exactly what i was going for!"

"Here is a pic of me with Virgin Rose hair, just dyed last night, slept on, and rinsed out this morning. I began by using a soft black dye from one of the kits sold at (X store), then bleached some giant chunks at home, washed the bleach out, added the Virgin Rose on top, and voila! Beautiful, I love it to death (usually a Burgandy Wine kinda gal, too)."

Fresh Virgin Rose highlights on color stripped hair.

Shortly after applying Virgin Rose on bleached hair.

"It's my hair after I dyed it Virgin Rose, what you can't see though is my roots, they didn't really change color (they're naturally brown) but it all would have come out the purplish color in the picture if I had bleached it. Anyway, I really like the color, and I was getting tons of compliments (it only took me about half a bottle and I got two, so I can retouch it up about 3 times, which is a sweet deal :D)"

M. with his gorgeous Virgin Rose dyed hair!

Virgin Rose, freshly applied =)

L with Virgin Rose mixed with Blue Mayhem streaks

" I cannot say how very happy I am with my hair. I have used plenty of professional dyes before, provided by my wonderful hair stylist, and none have come out this vibrant. Ever! So here's what I did:
First: I bleached my bangs with a home dying kit from a local grocery store. I had to use the harshest kind, because only slightly before that I had dyed my hair a very dark brown, almost black colour. That was to cover the redish orangey colour I had ad for about a year. I left in the bleach for an amount of time I suggest to no one at once: and hour and 15 minutes. I had the blow dryer on my head they whole time too, to really make sure that I got the colour out. It ended up becoming a yellow toned blonde, which I really should have bleached over agian to get to a platinum blonde, but as my hair at that point was a parentaly funded program, I didn't.
Next: In a very fetal attempt to acheive pink hair, I put in a mix of margarita mix, creme developer, and coloured spiker into my hair. This actaully made me hair feel a lot smoother, but I really don't suggest it for the colour. It lasted about 6 days, and over that time it faded to what I call a 'highlighter' colour (an ugly strawberry blonde). After a few weeks the colour faded to nothing, and my hair was once agian the yellow-blonde it was before.
Next: I cut my bangs, as I had had the "emo over" as it is called, I suppose. So my bangs now didn't have the overly processed, split-end tips that had been dyed to much that they wouldn't take colour anymore. I reccomend this very much if you want an even colour in your hair. After: a few more weeks (and some substantial grow out, I must say) I decided I wanted to get some really good dye, so I ordered some Virgin Rose off of your website. In about a week it came, and I set to it. The first time I dyed my hair, I dyed not even half of my bangs, with barely any dye, for 5 minutes. I was scared of my parental units discovering my new look, and if they did I didn't want it to be intense. It turned out to be something to the affect of the atomic pink when it starts out, but after one wash it began to fade.
So, I threw caution to the wind, and that night I put in quite a lot more than the first time, and I left it in for around 45 minutes to an hour. I washed it out and it turned out to be a beautiful magenta. I got exactly what I wanted form my dye: a good shock out of my parents. In natural light it looks very purple, and in artificial it looks a lot more pink. Needless to say I was very pleased. I even had my friend who is into photography come over for a feild day of a photoshoot in my back yard and around town..
It has now been two weeks since I've dyed my hair, and although it is not as purple as it was the night of dying, it still has purple tones in it when I'm out in the sun. "

Special Effects Virgin Rose lasts from 4-6 weeks depending on your hair's porosity. The more porous your hair, the longer it will last. Virgin Rose is $11.49 for a 4oz bottle of color.

Virgin Rose
medium magenta
Special Effects Virgin Rose

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