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Special Effects Nuclear Red Hair Dye

Sparky with bright Nuclear Red hair. People kept asking if it was a wig!

Libby with Nuclear Red hair.

"Limelight, Bright as F@#! Yellow, Napalm Orange, Nuclear Red, Cupcake Pink, Wildflower, Fishbowl. Although the colors are lasting quite well after a month, I simply don't want to do touch ups later so I plan to force it to fade. ^^ This was done on pre-bleached white/blond hair. The second picture with my boyfriend was taken in poor lighting/blurry which is why it looks a tad off...but it shows all the colors the best. And in real life they are even brighter. I constantly get people asking me if it is real. By the way, hiis color is Nuclear Red on lightly bleached hair, with some Napalm orange mixed in."

Nuclear Red hair!

"I loved nuclear red so much I did it again, thought this time, I did a lot more of my hair. It's super bright, brighter than the time I did it before, so I figured I'd show you the results :D"

"After bleaching my hair with a 40 volume bleach, I used not even half a bottle of Nuclear Red, and the results were fantastic ! This is 3 1/2 weeks after dying, and the color hasn't faded one bit (:"

Nuclear Red streaks dyed over faded purple hair - this was taken the day after they dyed their hair

L.A.H. with a fabulous haircut and Nuclear Red hair!

Kim with SFX Nuclear Red over bleached hair

Above is pictured Gnat with Special Effects Nuclear Red hair. Nuclear Red was applied over bleached hair. Gnat says that this was about 2 weeks after she initially dyed it!

Nuclear Red streaked hair.

"I originally had black/blonde/pink hair and used (brand name) bleach to get it all out. My hair was white/blonde with a few orangey/light light brown streaks. I left the red dye on for about an hour. I know it looks really orange in the picture, but this was taken after only 2 shampoos. I blame the flash on this camera-my hair SUPER BRIGHT red in person, I swear!"

"I dyed my hair two days ago with Nuclear Red and Fishbowl Teal. It's possibly the coolest thing I've ever done with my hair. The tips are Fishbowl and they are brighter, but you can't see it too well. I love Nuclear Red and I plan to keep using it."

Freshly dyed Nuclear Red hair.

"That was about 2 days after I dyed it nuclear red over bleached hair. It's been about 5 weeks and it's still there, it's just faded to a dark orange, bright red mix of colors. It fades into really strange colors. I really liked the color though. I didn't get any bad compliments, and I was getting compliments all the time, it was great."

'I LOVE THIS COLOR. it was my first time using your product and I was a freshman in highschool. I thought it would be darker than it was so that disapointed me but when it dried, I could have gotten a job as a stop sign. I used the special effects bleach too which really made my hair very blonde [my hair was black when i bleached it.]'

"My hair was bleached down to white before I did this. And holy hell in a hand basket was I glad it was so white. The most vibrant colour I have ever done (and I've run every shade of the rainbow and then some). People could see me from long distances because of how much it stuck out. I also got a lot of "It hurts to look at. But in a good way"'s. It's a great in your face colour, and it took what seemed like months for it to even begin to fade. :)"

Briiiiight Nuclear Red

Nuclear Red typically fades to a bright orangey color, and if your hair isn't prebleached enough (or is too prebleached) you may get the orangey tones much quicker than you expected. The photo above doesn't fully show the bright NEON that Nuclear Red comes out to. (Thank you millions K. for the color notes!)

Special Effects Nuclear Red lasts from 4-6 weeks depending on your hair's porosity. The more porous your hair, the longer it will last. Nuclear Red is $11.49 for a 4oz bottle of color.

Nuclear Red
very bright red
Special Effects Nuclear Red

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